An architectural icon celebrates its anniversary:

The Sony Center was opened 20 years ago

The Sony Center was opened on 14 June 2000. Since then, thanks to the futuristic architecture of star architect Helmut Jahn and its many different uses for work, life and leisure, the Center has become an internationally renowned landmark of Berlin. The heart of the unique building complex is the oval shape of the roofed, light-filled forum.


The Sony Center as a symbol of continuous transformation

Since its opening in 2000, the area around the center has undergone radical change. Potsdamer Platz has developed from a former wasteland into one of Berlin's most important business districts, and one of the country's most exciting art destinations will be developed in the immediate vicinity. The Sony Center is part of this transformation and is a successful symbol of transformation in the use of real estate.

Today, the Sony Center is a fixed point in the life of the city of Berlin. The 113,000 m² building complex, with the Forum at its centre under the 67-metre high roof, covers an area of almost six hectares. The eight individual buildings include the Bahntower, 85,000 m² of first-class office space, 20,000 m² of retail and leisure space and 67 residential units.

Each year, the Sony Center attracts over 7.1 million visitors who, in addition to the unique architecture, enjoy the diverse cultural offerings ranging from exhibitions of emerging artists to street food markets and networking events.

"It has always been important to me that my architecture is timeless. ... a well-used property has to develop and adapt to changing needs - this includes not only the new working world but also areas such as gastronomy, art or culture. I therefore never stop thinking about the possible further development of my architecture - this also applies to the Sony Center".

Helmut Jahn, architect of the Sony Center in Berlin


The transformation process continues - Oxford plans investments in the future

In October 2017 the Oxford Properties Group acquired the Sony Center together with Madison International Realty. Oxford Properties Group intends to develop the Sony Center further in the coming years. The urban development concept "BerlinStrategy 2030" (Berlin 2030), which is intended to make a central contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness of the city, will serve as an impulse and orientation.