“The silent dialogue” – layered painting by friedeRike & hartmut meintke-behder

Atelier meintke&behder stands for the artist duo friedeRike and hartmut meintke-behder. The two artists are stage and set designers and work on film, television and theater productions in and around Berlin. This year marks their eighth exhibition at ART ESSENZ. They are also represented at many other art events in the city.

In addition to their work in the field of stage and set design, they seek a common artistic expression in ‘layer painting’. At the ART ESSENZ 2020 they will present, among other things, the ‘Silent Dialogue’, for which they experimented with the versatile possibilities of the spatula and collage technique. The starting point is merely a color scheme. The two artists work independently on the different layers. Plaster in different consistencies, various gauzes, sands, papers, oils, gold leaf, ink, acrylic, oxides, pigments, rust and patina are applied and removed, worked on and mixed. Cracks and fissures of an open-pored surface finally allow exciting and, in their complexity, fascinating landscapes to emerge. They decide together at which point a painting is finished.

Our favorite quote by them: ‘Picking up the brush is like switching off the consistently rattling brain radio.’

Let’s switch our ‘brain radio’ directly to the artificial wave!