Photography “Lines”

Cee Wee, now better known as Christof Wegner, uses photographs of well-known and less well-known urban architecture for his Fine Arts Prints.

How does that work? After an elaborate post-process of the photographs, minimalist ‘photographic paintings’ are created, in which the silhouettes of the buildings are reduced to vertical lines and colors. The original appearance of the respective city view is completely transformed and can only be guessed at.

Since 2016 CeeWee has been creating ‘photographic paintings’ in the style of minimalism. Right in 2016, one of his works received the highest bid for a photograph at the auction of Deutsche Bank Berlin!

His works are very well received and are for example on display at Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg and the international law firm, Linklaters, and decorate the rooms of the Survival Foundation (Berlin). We are curious to see which buildings hide behind this year’s works. Take a closer look at his pieces and experience this special kind of art. Maybe you will find your favorite building among the pictures…