The Sony Center becomes a virtual place of encounter during the Advent season

The Sony Center brings a festive atmosphere to people's homes through a virtual Advent program. Under the motto "Home for Christmas", the Sony Center organizes exciting do-it-yourself workshops, entertaining readings, and festive music concerts on the four Sundays of Advent. The individual events will all be played out online – for example via the social media channels and the homepage of the Sony Center.

The program kicks off with German star actress Andrea Sawatzki: On the first and third Sundays in Advent (November 29 and December 13), she will read two Christmas stories by Astrid Lindgren to children from the historic Kaisersaal of the Sony Center. Also twice, the Berlin violin virtuoso Iskandar Widjaja will enter the virtual stage of the Sony Center, where he - also from the Kaisersaal - has recorded several Christmas pieces. On the second (December 6) and fourth Sundays of Advent (December 20), friends of classical music will be able to listen to his own compositions and traditional Christmas carols. On the first Advent, THE BARN Coffee Roasters will also be showing directly from the coffee house at the Sony Center how the popular coffee drink Christmas Flat White is prepared. In addition, presenter and cookbook author Elna-Margret zu Bentheim will invite everyone to join her in two DIY workshops to make a Christmas bouquet and bake a Christmas baked apple crumble.

"The Sony Center is more than just one of Berlin's most important architectural sights. For us, it is a place of encounter, exchange, and inspiration through cultural events. Even in these currently difficult times, which are characterized by a lack of social contacts and interaction with others, we want to offer people special Christmas experiences and give them the opportunity to share those with others," says Abigail Shapiro, Head of Germany at Oxford Properties, the owner of the Sony Center. "Because especially now, companies must show commitment and promote social interaction."

Oxford Properties believes in connecting people and creating communities, and we want to continue doing so even in these very difficult times. Since we cannot bring people together physically this year, we are excited to be sponsoring a collection of online workshops where people can connect digitally and still take part in some traditional Christmas activities safely at home”, explains Abigail Shapiro, Head of Germany at Oxford Properties, the owner of the Sony Center. 

Christmas campaign to support charities

"The Sony Center's Christmas campaign also aims to support non-profit organizations whose work fulfills an important social mission, especially in times of a pandemic. “We want to bring awareness and support two charities that help the children most affected by the pandemic. We will be introducing the projects in our workshops as well as through an increased presence on the digital channels of the Sony Center and those of our partners. We are looking forward to an active participation in these events and thank the attendees in advance for their contributions”, adds Abigail.

For example, the program is linked to an appeal for donations to the nationwide "KinderHerz" foundation, which is currently promoting the corona tests of 1,200 children with heart disease, children with serious pre-existing conditions and their comparison groups as part of the C.19 Children's Study in Hamburg. The Berlin children's foundation "Die Arche" is also the focus of the fundraising campaign. This foundation is actively involved in improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children and families in Germany. The Sony Center will donate a supporting amount to both foundations and would like to encourage Berliners and all friends and fans of the Sony Center to support the two charities with donations as well. 

"Fear and insecurity are currently particularly noticeable among the parents of children with congenital heart defects. With our work and the children's study initiated by us, we want to provide answers to give parents and relatives of affected children more security in everyday life," says Sylvia Paul, Director of the Stiftung Kinderherz. "We are delighted that our study is being supported as part of such a festive event. This is a special Christmas present for us and many of the affected families".

The recordings of the workshops, readings and concerts will be published on the social media channels and here on the homepage of the Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz as well as on the channels of the performing artists, such as Andrea Sawatzki, Iskandar Widjaja, and Elna-Margret zu Bentheim, each starting at 10 a.m. and will remain available for a certain period of time afterwards: