“Tube paintings”

Which objects do you need to ‘paint’ a picture? Acrylic press guns and especially shashlik skewers are probably not the first that come to mind.

Jakob Reh calls his art ‘tube painting’. The artist with Russian roots has made these objects his trademark which has brought him national and international success.

In his works one can see influences of Henri Matisse and George Seurat as well as borrowings from Picasso and Andy Warhol. Even those who are not so art-loving will recognize familiar things, as Reh sometimes creates pictures of celebrities. Each individual dot is applied directly to the canvas from an acrylic press gun. Ornaments play a central role. Playfully he alternates between abstraction and almost plastic figuration. Structure and order are at the center of his work when he carefully places the many dots that eventually come together to form a picture.

At the ART ESSENZ 2020 you can watch the artist live as he works on his creations with an acrylic press gun and shashlik skewers.