Janin Walter (JaWa) uses different media to explore spaces. Narrow street spaces, wide spaces like an ocean, a meadow or a forest, spaces created by friends, working spaces – Janin Walter has a background in architecture and urban development and uses this experience as a self-evident part of her dynamic works. In doing so, she draws on the associations and feelings that are triggered in people by different spaces.

How does the outside space affect the inside of a person?

The artist uses her body as part of the experiment. She opens herself to the spaces and works on several pictures simultaneously. This intuitive painting process serves as critique of a rationally controlled society in which every decision must be made analytically. 

Janin Walter studied architecture at Technical University of Berlin and spatial strategies at Weißensee Art Academy. As an ‘urbanist and spatial strategist’, she passes on her experience in workshops to students and other people interested in urban development.