Collage painting

In her collage paintings Mareike Felsch playfully and humorously combines a variety of habitats with bizarre inhabitants. Apparent opposites engage with each other here in peaceful coexistence. There are hints of pop art and surrealism in her style. With confident self-irony, it walks a narrow tightrope between art and kitsch.

She has recently produced a little series with photographs: beauties of the 1920s bathing and basking in the sunshine. Clearly, ideals of beauty can change over time, and nothing is eternally valid, anything can be beautiful. Besides, there is a lightness about this theme that was evidently just right for the artist this summer. Mareike Felsch has always felt a powerful need to create and share beauty, as an antidote and welcome break from the real world.

She began by working primarily with serviettes and acrylic, but now the focus is on frottage, monotype and above all historical illustrations and photographs. With acrylic, oil, ink and colour pigments, fragments are worked into a composition with a great sense of depth.