Painting “in times of c.”

Matthias Eitner lives and works in Hamburg and says he had an ‘inventive childhood’. This inventiveness also continues in Eitner's art: Here he skillfully combines digital media and analog techniques, responding to the structural changes in society and new aesthetic standards.

At ART ESSENZ 2020, he will present works to the public that were created during the lockdown period. In his pictures, he captures his experiences and feelings during this time and acts as an artistic chronicler of this unprecedented situation.

The pictures seem contemplative, dark, and yet full of color. They show loss and the intuitive search for stability and new opportunities. They mean to interrupt optimism reflexes, because ‘it's okay not to be ok!’ (de Botton).

‘in times of c.’ shows both the calm and the storm. The visitors of ART ESSENZ 2020 will find many of their wishes, fears and feelings of the past months reflected in the pictures and will have the opportunity to talk to the artist about this special time and its artistic influence.