Objects from the “People’s Gallery”

Wolfgang Leonhardt tells short stories with his works. The object artist, who lives and works in Berlin-Schöneberg, shows three-dimensional, dadaistic-surreal collages in his ‘Volksgalerie’. Through the montage of photos, drawings, wood, objects and cardboard, bizarre, quirky imagery is created in displays that are reminiscent of minimized theater spaces.

For example, Ernie from Sesame Street is currently wearing a mouth and nose mask, or the exit sign is converted into an ‘art exit’.

His intention: to make art accessible to and affordable for everyone.

This also includes his ‘jury-free art exhibitions’. Anyone can participate and submit their work of art on a specific topic. The collected works are then presented in an exhibition. The public can vote on the works and the winner receives an ‘Art Bambi’ award.

Do you enjoy Leonhardt's collages and do you feel inspired to find your inner artist? Applications for the newest Volksgalerie can still be submitted! Send in your contribution on the subject ‘home’ until October 31.