Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Carmen-Francesca Banciu, born in Lipova, Romania, studied Church Painting and Foreign Commerce in Bucharest. The bestowal of the International Short Story Prize of the City of Arnsberg resulted in a publication ban in Romania. She came to Germany in 1991 on an invitation from the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austasuchdienst [German Academic Exchange Service]) artist program. She has lived in Berlin as a freelance author since 1992 and has served as Coeditor and Assistant Director of the interdisciplinary and multilingual emagazine Levure Littéraire since 2012. She has been writing her texts in German since 1996. Banciu is the recipient of numerous awards and stipends. “Lebt wohl, Ihr Genossen und Geliebten!” was nominated for the 2018 German Book Prize.